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2015 Maine Shrimp Season: Busted

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Such a difficult situation.  My heart goes out to all the shrimpers.....from the article it looks like maybe 2-3 more years.  So hard for the people trying to make a living.


But, we need the shrimps (shrimp?) to rejuvenate and be sustainable again.


I hope it happens faster than they say.

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During this season's closure, three shrimp boats have been selected to collect sample harvests of Gulf Of Maine shrimp between Feb 1 and Mar 20.  They came in Wednesday and biologists measured and tested some before turning them over to Portland Fish Exchange for auction.  1200 pounds were snapped up at a record $4/lb.




My local fishmonger here in Portland sold out a half hour before I got there.  If you are in New York, some place named Smitty's bought some of that haul.

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