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Help me identify my copper cookware


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 Does anyone have any information on the solid copper cookware that is not branded with a mark? I inherited a set of solid copper cookware (my parents were gourmets) that I know was purchased at an estate's auction type sale in Connecticut in the late 1970's from a mansion. I read that some copper cookware is not marked. There are a good amount of various pots/lids including a copper fondue and fish poacher. There is also a frying pan shaped in a curved rectangular shape I assume for cooking fish. Copper colander and copper bowl (large). The only pot that is not solid cooper is the double broiler pan which has an inner liner that looks like thick white porcelain. Any knowledge about an unmarked series appreciated. Maybe I am just not seeing it is possible also. I did give one pan a once over look and could not see a mark. If the mark is there it is not apparent on loose inspection.


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