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Dinner 2014 (Part 6)


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Salad with rye toasts, a poached egg and some greens and reds.. also some smoked and cured fish from my wife's sister in Alaska. 




osso bucco with polenta





a bunch of doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant



The two days later, with the leftover meat and sauce, we made gnocchi. 





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Two cuttlefish right after being gutted, weighing 2.5kg in total before that. The big one I braised in tamari and other things. The colour is from annatto powder. It was super tender I actually cut it with a spoon on my plate. Next time I shall try braising for 1 hour instead of 2.


First photo is dark but otherwise I like the composition. I left the membrane on so that the camera has some texture to focus on. Membrane peels itself off during cooking. (Braised aubergines in the background in one photo)







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here in vienna the meat cuts are so different from many other european countries. today I used the backbone muscle of pork and braised it in red wine. served with pappardelle and a salad on the side. no knife needed


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