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Eve Logan

So excited to join the eG Forums!

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My name is Eve.  I am a paralegal by day, curious home chef by night.  My food passions currently include my new sous vide & torch, and utilizing the produce from my husband's Spring and Summer garden.  We mostly enjoy Asian, French, Southern, and Latin flavors/techniques.  My husband hails from Brooklyn, NYC and I claim the Bay Area as my original home, but we've both lived in Salt Lake City for over a decade now.  We travel often, our favorite US cities being San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago, usually just to eat the best from each city.


I'm excited to join eGullet and to learn new cooking techniques, particularly for sous vide.



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Welcome, Eve! Salt Lake City area is beautiful. I've spent more time in Provo and Ogden, passing through, but think it would be fun to explore the restaurants in your area more. It looks like you have a good gardening climate, too.

You probably already know that there are a lot of members here working with sous vide and torches; the Modernist crowd has a lot going on. In case you haven't found them yet, here are a couple of good places to start:

Sous Vide Index in the Cooking Forum

The Searzall by Dave Arnold in the Kitchen Consumer Forum - which, by the way, has topics about other torches and their uses

In case you're the curious type who doesn't mind a touch of temptation (insert evil laugh here ;-)) I also recommend this topic:

Freeze Driers and Freeze-Dried Food

Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
HosteG Forumsnsmith@egstaff.org

"Every day should be filled with something delicious, because life is too short not to spoil yourself. " -- Ling (with permission)

"There comes a time in every project when you have to shoot the engineer and start production." -- author unknown

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