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What is most important in a cookbook?


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The cookbooks that I prefer for reading and actually cooking from are the ones published by -


Hermes House and their sister publishing houses Anness Publishing and Lorenz Books.


They are very readable and have accompanying photos of the dishes. They are usually fairly thick books with 256 or 512 pages about 9 ins high x 7 ins wide 


They are printed on gloss paper which comes in handy to keep clean when using them in a kitchen and use an easily readable font face of reasonable size to cater for oldies like me/



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I agree, some of my favorite cookbooks have zero photos.

If the writing is really good one can easily envision the final product.

Helen Witty's "Fancy Pantry" is the type of book I'm talking about...very inspiring.

And I thought I owned every worthy preserving book. Just ordered this; thanks!

And wish there WERE "eatable", not just readable, fonts.

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