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Surprisingly Great Gas Station/Convenience Store Food-Miami. Where Else?

Steve Irby

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I just returned from the Miami/Dade area where I did environmental site assessments at a number of C-Stores.  After 25+ years in the business and having eaten at or been exposed to a lot of crap food at these venues I did not think it was possible to find really great food.  It was mind blowing to see scratch cooked food with no hot dogs, roller burgers, chicken strips, nuggets etc., offered.  Most stores had Cafe Cubano/Leche from freshly ground beans from a real espresso machine.  All had really nice pastries with food offerings including various panini sandwiches, empanadas, croquettas.  The bread was always local cuban style bread. Coffee for $1, pastries $1.25 and lunch for $6 were average. The best was Redlands Food at 11100 SW 216th Street.  








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