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eG Chocolate and Confectionery Workshop 2015


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We couldn't schedule the facility for a Masters Class on Friday - sorry. 


So, we will more than likely fall back on the traditional plans of getting together to tour/see some local chocolate shops, meet at the school Saturday morning for the demo(s) and hopefully some good "kitchen" time -


Dinner will be AT the school on Saturday (Yes, I affirm it's SATURDAY) Night (yes TikiDoc, I'm O-L-D) and the price for Saturday's dinner will be included in the final cost (which will be posted soon - still a couple of things we have to determine).


OK, so no master class?  I'm not sure I want to use up all my frequent flier miles if there is no master class.  I'm sure you are all lovely, but maybe if I save my pennies (and miles, and hotel points) I can go hang out with Francisco Migoya at Callebaut in October, can't get more of a modern master than Frankie!  The past few years I had the money but not the time, now I have time but not money :sad:  Oh the joys of self-employment!


Still, if there is a rough curriculum or schedule, I'm interested in seeing what it is.

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I'm off the list - the cost will be too high for me. 


I hope you all have a lovely time and remember - photos, people, photos!

Another darn!  Was looking forward to seeing you again.

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I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me say 'Soon' so, tonight I'll tell you all that tomorrow morning I'm going to post instructions on how to pay for the conference via PayPal.


In order to wet your confectionery appetites, here's what is planned so far:


The conference will be taking place at Culinaria Cooking School at 110 Pleasant St NW, Vienna, VA 22180.  (http://www.culinariacookingschool.com/)

This is a smaller venue than we had planned for, and the maximum number of students than can accomodate is 24.  Therefore, registration will have to be limited to the first 23 people to register (I'm the 24th - sorry)


I've arranged a block of rooms with the Hyatt House, Falls Church/Merrifield, 8296 Glass Alley, Fairfax, VA 22031 (571-327-2277).  Room rates are $129/single/King size bed.  $149/double/two queen size beds.  Please mention the eG Confectionery Conference when making your reservations.  Room rates will only be available until April 24th (or until the hotel reaches 80% booking).  The hotel is located within a few miles of the school and will be very convienient.  The hotel also has a continental breakfast. 


The closest airport to fly into would be Dulles International.  However, depending on your ground transportation arrangements, Reagan National and BWI are other alternatives.  If you're going to use a taxi to get to the hotel from the airport, I would strongly urge you to consider Dulles International.


We will try and get some activities arranged for Friday during the day, there is a wonderful chocolate shop near the school, as well as in the Northern Virginia and DC areas.  Friday night, one of our own, Ashley, has "volunteered" to cook us dinner at the restaurant she works at, The Bottle Stop in Occoquan, VA.  Yes, it's a wine bar, but the dinner will be fixed and the drinks will be extra (to accomodate those who prefer not to drink).  We can also have our Friday evening Chocolate Sharing here.  Occoquan is a quant little town located on the Occoquan River, south of Vienna.  Once we have an established registary of who is coming, we can work on cars, and other transportation to get us to and from the host hotel (Hyatt)


Saturday will begin at 9:30 when Culinaria opens its doors.  We are lucky (VERY Lucky) to have as a guest instructor Mark Heim, recently from the Hershey Company, coming into teach us.  Mark is going to do two presentations, one on Laminated pieces and the other on Croquant.  Mark has agreed to stick around for awhile on Saturday and if anyone has any questions about other confectionery issues, they can address them to Mark individually.  Mark is a very talented man, I'm excited about him joining us this year.


We are also working on another guest for Saturday, but that has not been finalized as yet.  But, if we can pull it off, you'll  be in for an additional treat on Saturday afternoon.


If you want to practice, and get your fingers and hands busy in creating confections, we will have time to spend in the "test" kitchens as well.  This, as those of you who have attended previously, is not all lecture. 


On Saturday night, the fine owners/chefs of Culinaria will be creating a delicious dinner for us in their kitchens where we will be able to enjoy their artistry and the company of our guests.


Sunday is a day to ourselves in the kitchens, testing and learning. 


The price for the conference is $196.00 which includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday and your dinner on Saturday night.  Friday nights dinner is not included. 


I've opted as the best alternative to collect the registration fee through PayPal.  If you have an account, you are half-way there.  Tomorrow I will be posting how to send the money to me for registration.  As I understand it, if you have an account (and $196.00) in your account, you can transfer money with no fees.  However, if you are using PayPal to send money to register, there will be a 2.9% fee (plus 30 cents).  Which comes out to something like $5.98


Thank you all for your patience - If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them and I will be monitoring eG tonight and answer them as quickly as I possibly can.




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So excited, Bob! Getting Mark Heim is amazing. Some of us took a course from him and Peter Greweling with PMCA. The two of them were amazing. Mark will be such an asset. Thanks for getting him!!!

Ruth Kendrick

Artisan Chocolates and Toffees

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Good Morning everyone


In order to register for the conference, go to PayPal and once you've logged in, click on the "Send & Request" tab at the top of the page.  Then click on the "Send Money to Friends and Family"


Enter my email


the amount ($196.00) and click next and follow the online instructions. 


The first 23 of you to do so will be registered for the 2015 Confectioners Conference in Vienna, VA


Hope to see everyone there!  (Yes, I still hold out hope for Rob, Willow and Mette)

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When you make your hotel reservations with the Hyatt, you can do it following these steps:


  • Go to www.fallschurch.house.hyatt.com or call 1-888-264-7051
  • Enter arrival and departure dates pertinent to your event
  • Click on Special Rates (AAA, Govt…)
  • Enter G-COF1 into the Corporate or Group Code box
  • Click on Check Availability
  • Reservations will require a credit card for guarantee
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I'm in!  I sent the fee via PayPal as requested and booked a room.

Steve Lebowitz

Doer of All Things

Steven Howard Confections

Slicing a warm slab of bacon is a lot like giving a ferret a shave. No matter how careful you are, somebody's going to get hurt - Alton Brown, "Good Eats"

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Booked a room!


FYI there is another event at the hotel on Friday the 15th so the only way to book a room is via our group code all other rooms are sold out. So... book your room soon or else you may have to stay at some other hotel in the area (and don't worry, there are plenty of hotels in the Vienna / Fairfax / Tysons Corner area).

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We are confirmed that we have another guest instructor who is preparing a demonstration on Bon Bons - he is the owner chef at CoCo Sala.  His work is amazing and we are very lucky to have him for the afternoon!

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