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WD-50 Closing: Nov 30 Last Service

Lisa Shock

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Looks like Chef Dufresne is closing WD-50. NYT article. The last service will be on November 30. He made the announcement on Twitter, details are sparse at this time. Anyway, anyone dreaming of eating there needs to start making plans soon!


"Nov 30 will be our final night of service at wd50. Come celebrate with us for the next 173 days. Stay tuned!! pic.twitter.com/DGnbfkkrV6 "

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I ate there quite recently, and to be honest I wouldn't go again.
$500 meal for 2, in a 1Michelin*!!!! That is the same price I paid for us to go to The Fat Duck, a 3*.
I finished my review with:

 Clearly Wylie Dufrense is being stretched too far with the new outlet, & WD50 is suffering because of it, becoming a parody of what it once was.



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