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Limited Release; Tanqueray Old Tom

Adam George

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Just noticed this:



This limited release of 10,000 bottles are individually numbered in lots, each with a prefix corresponding to the initials of a classic old tom cocktail as follows

TC (Tom Collins) start No. 00001, end No. 00105, run of 105 bots
M (Martinez) start No. 00001, end No. 00105, run of 100 bots
GD (Gin Daisy) start No. 00100, end No. 13600, run of 13,500 bots
CC (Casino) start No. 13600, end No. 27100, run of 13,500 bots
TD (The Defender) start No. 27100, end No. 40600, run of 13,500 bots
GF (Gin Fizz) start No. 40600, end No. 54100, run of 13,500 bots
HGT (Hot Gin Toddy) start No. 54100, end No. 66600, run of 12,500 bots
HGT (Hot Gin Toddy) start No. 66601, end No. 66700, run of 99 bots
TFC (The Ford Cocktail) start No. 66600, end No. 81100, run of 14,500 bots
TP (The Purl) start No. 81100, end No. 94600, run of 13,500 bots
A (Ampersand) start No. 83804, end No. 100000, run of 16,196 bots


That's pretty cool. I hadn't heard of The Defender and Ampersand cocktails, but they are now added to the list of things to try.

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Second review incorrectly states this gin is unsweetend.

I can't be bothered to register with discus to correct him.

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How many cases of Malacca were produced? Because I've seen one bottle in the entire DC area...


It seemed to be artificially scarce during the initial release, and rumors were that it would only be available at bars. Within a month or so, it was available just about everywhere. Drink Up NY still has it in stock.

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Found this on our local Total Wine shelves last night so we went home and did a comparison, neat, with Hayman's OT and with Malacca.


All have very similar aromatic botanicals

The Tanq and Hayman's OT were of comparable sweetness with Malacca considerably drier (but not dry, of course).


All in all, Tanq OT is much more vibrant and has more lift than the other two. I've been a big fan of both Malacca and Hayman's so the Tanq OT was surprising in how much more life it has on the palate...it is at 94.6pf compared to 80pf for the others.


Tonight will be Martinez comparisons (1.5oz each w/Dolin sweet, 0.25oz maraschino, Boker's) as the proof is in the cocktail.

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