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Kitchen photos


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Another take on a do it yourself knife storage system which could certainly be adapted to a cabinet door. My father in our home in northern British Columbia did something very similar. He mounted a board beneath each of the upper cabinets, installed leather straps, and all of our cutlery knives, forks, spoons was stored there. It made excellent use of that recessed space. My brother and I hated it. It meant every piece of cutlery had to be put away carefully every night. There is insufficient recess under my present cabinets else I would've have had that done too.

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Recently moved into a new apartment that has a gas range and counter top space. Before that though this was my kitchen. Sorry those burners are dirty. Took the picture right after cooking probably my last meal there.


With those 2 burners and a toaster oven I did somewhere around ten or so dishes out of TFL cook book, a couple from Bouchon, Ad Hoc, Julia's Mastering, and a host more. That toaster oven just fit a 3.5 quart Le Creuset dutch oven without the lid. Making boeuf bourguignon in that kitchen was an adventure. What you don't see is that when you stood at the stove there was a wall directly behind you and to the left of the stove was a dish rack and the sink. Across from the toaster oven (which was against that wall behind you at the stove) was a small square of counter top that allowed me to cut one or two things at time. I had to put things on the floor, on the dining/kitchen table, and even on the couch that was against that wall on the other side. Smallest apartment in the world with one of the smallest whatever you'd call that excuse of a kitchen.


My pots and pans had to be stored above all of it on a ledge. Wish I took more pictures of the place now that this thread is here. It was something else.


Sorry if I just ruined this thread by the way. Finally found an opporunity to show it off!

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG

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thank you Franci for joining this 'visual treat' thread


its bright


may I ask that this it ?




since it's pretty shinny


maybe I need two ?


thanks for sharing


I do love that stove.

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I only posted a picture of my stove in this new place, last kitchen I posted we were still living in Monaco. Here we are renting so not much for me to do




I do have the biggest "Crown" Berkey and a travel Berkey - I have a whole-house filter system but it does not remove everything.  The Berkey does.

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Okay, I don't want you guys to think I don't use my shiny new kitchen. Here's the interior of the pantry cabinet, complete with cambros of various flours, pans, dry goods, etc. And I forgot to show my absolute favorite feature: two extra deep, full slide drawers full of alphabetized spices. Drawers are in the kitchen island, which is lower, tabletop height so my short self can comfortably chop and knead while barefoot. image.jpgimage.jpg

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... Anyone have tips on making one of these puppies?


A picture's worth a thousand words.  This second rack is a minimum-effort-and-expense knock-up that I made myself.  One plank for the two backing boards, and the rest is thin wood strips in two different widths.  The wood's unfinished:


2014-06-06 10.36.21.jpg


2014-06-06 10.36.11.jpg


The first rack has more to it:




and I've mentioned it on eG before.  My concept, built for me very kindly by my friend, a former cabinetmaker - build photos are here.

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QUIET!  People are trying to pontificate.

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The star of my kitchen is the grossly oversized for the space, 48" Bluestar.  We had bought it with hopes of redoing the kitchen soon after we moved in, but 5 years have gone by and we are still pondering.  Maybe soon though.

2014-06-06 07.22.57.jpg


 the bump out that holds the massive butcher block, and also  the pot rack from my grandfather's restaurant

2014-06-06 07.23.20.jpg


I love this machine -- it has been going strong for 12 years with no inkling of giving up.

2014-06-06 07.23.34.jpg





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Unpopular Poet


the thing that really matters w a kitchen


is how do you use it


thats just me.


all kitchens here are Sooooo spectacular.


by use Ill say this:


count your foot steps from here to then and over there.


If you can reduce them pleasantly, consider that


My kitchen is narrow.  as I like it


i turn and am at the other counter.


it suits me. two counters, not island.  no amps BTW


those extra steps we dont think too much about.


they change the character of a kitchen


if you go in there to Cook.


nothing wrong w and island


but but the island is for Friends, family that hope to enjoy you're work


while sipping on a Chilly One.


exactly as it should be

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Oh, I should have made it clear -- I love the kitchen, but have certain things that are waiting for installation -- I have to put in a new hood, as the one I have is pretty much for show and doesn't do anything but sound like a jet taking off -- I also did something absurd and went out and bought a bluestar salamander (actually drove from Chicago to DC to get it) from a guy who never installed it.  The bump out needs fixing as well.  There is also the back of the house to deal with...some of it is under foundation, some of it not -- so the kitchen is sometimes 35 degrees in the winter...I love the house, but so much to be done.  We have to tear off a portion, so while we are at it, we are going to make the kitchen a little bigger -- something we can eat in, well sort of.  If and when it happens, maybe I will do a blog on here detailing my personal nightmare of a renovation!  

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rotuts, if I could change one thing in our kitchen it would be to just make the counter that starts at the dishwasher go straight along the wall to our sliding glass door and add an island. Small appliances would go on the counter and the island would be the prep area. That being said, after 30 years we still like this kitchen very much.


I do get to "design a kitchen" every spring when I lay out the ren faire feast kitchen. I have no pictures from this year. A 10 x 20 canopy garage from Costco is the indoor space (tables for counters, pantry shelving, serving bowls and platters shelving, a kitchen range) and then the coolers, Camp Chef camp stove, and my 8-burner event grill are placed outside.

Porthos Potwatcher
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Franci, how does the sink in the corner work for you?


Honestly, now that you ask I don't like it very much, I wouldn't pick if it is my own kitchen but not complaining to much.


Unpopular poet, I already think you kitchen is great but I'm looking forward to your remodeling.


You guys are serious coffee people. Put a shame on me.

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This is a picture of my kitchen just after renovation was completed.  Just before it got messed up.  Surgical cabinets found on craig's list used to hold cookbook.  Splurged on very modern looking Kohler faucet.



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- I have to put in a new hood, as the one I have is pretty much for show and doesn't do anything but sound like a jet taking off --

I am also thinking of replacing an incompetent hood. Looking at ratings and searching this and other sites has been on my to-do list for a while. 

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