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What's the difference between jian bing & dosa?

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Hi I wanted to know the difference between Jian Bing and Dosa. As you can see I'm a Indian and I never had Jian Bing and wanted to know if their any difference or similarities.




Here is a sample video of Jian BIng and Dosa I don't need to put a video cause I know what it looks like but


In all tell me the difference and similarities between them. I want to try Jian Bing

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They are similar only in appearance.


Jianbing are made from a dough made from wheat or millet flour and contain egg. They are usually served folded around dough sticks (油条 yóu tiáo) or a type of Chinese cracker (薄脆 báo cuì). There is a good description here.


Dosa are made from a fermented batter made from rice and ground lentils. 


Both have variations.

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