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I would agree with LFMichaud. About 80% (or even more) is new content.

In no way would I say that MCAH is a mini version of MC. They are very different books. With a well-stocked kitchen (sous vide bath, pressure cooker, whipping siphon, Modernist ingredients) you can make every recipe in MCAH in a home kitchen. That's not exactly true of MC, though you can still make most of them.

That being said, MC delves much more deeply into the science of cooking. MCAH is still based in science, and every recipe has been rigorously tested. There is a great deal of science sprinkled throughout the book. But it doesn't dedicate a chapter to heat transfer, microbiology, or the chemistry of water like MC does.

Many of our readers have both books. I've never heard of anyone regretting buying MCAH after having purchased MC (or vice versa), but if you only want to start with one, decide which you want more, to be able to start cooking immediately or learn more about the science of cooking. There's no right answer there, just what works for you!

Judy Wilson

Editorial Assistant

Modernist Cuisine

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