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Sous Vide and the correct vacuum pressure...

Anonymous Modernist 11936

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Hi! I have a question, I cooked sous vide a pice of eye of round, first time I did it, I packed it with a home Food Saver, which does not kmakes much pressure, and I cooked it for about 18 hours at 130 F, was very tender and juicy and pink, just how I like it, the second time I cooked packed it with a professional chamber vacuum machine, for 60 seconds, and I guess was packed under a lot more pressure, cooked it also for about 18 hours, but this time at 135, it came out very tender too, but this time released probably 4 times more liquid, meet was pink, but texture was dry. Can 5 degrees make such difference? Of you think it could be the much higher pressure of the chamber vacuum machine?


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