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I am from the west home of big sky's and beef and I only speak one language english. Every time I travel I feel very primitive as most of the people I run into speak more than one language.

I have never run into language problems while visiting the french speaking side of Canada, sometimes it takes a few try's to get the point across but I find as long as I am respectful and remember I should know french life is fine. I would strongly recommend a visit to Montreal.

One of the rewards of visiting is amazing food - from simple smoked meat at Schwartz's Deli


To one of Canada's original wild man chefs

Martin Picard

and his restaurant Au Pied De Cochon


I hope to visit his Sugar Shack some day and see how he handles Maple syrup. He changes is menu up winter and summer and while I would not call it a healthy place to eat the wonderful seafood in season can not be too far off the mark.

Mike Macdonald Calgary

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Hello Mike and Artur,

Welcome to Montreal. It's hard to give you recommendation without knowing what you're looking for exactly.

It can simply be a visit to Fairmount Beagle


The chicken sandwich at Cocorico just beside Schartz

Or a full 10 services meal at Laurie Raphael or Toque



I can recommend you the best coffee, one of David Chang's favorite restaurant or great ethnic food. I could probably go on for hours. Tell us what you're looking for and I'll try to recommend something!

Have a good weekend


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Unfortunately I don't know any restaurant that go all-out modernist like WD50 or Alinea. The most modernist menu I had was a few years ago at Laurie Raphael Montreal where I could see direct influence from El Bulli and Celler Can Roca on the menu but their menu seem more traditional now. I would be happy to hear about other places in Montreal that I don't know.

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