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How to visit the MC Cooking Lab

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Thanks for your interest. The MC Cooking Lab is contained within the larger Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, and as such is not open to the public for events. If we do host any public events at the lab in the future, we will post advance notice on our blog, so you may want to subscribe to receive blog updates by email. You can edit your profile to enable that option.

Wayt Gibbs

Editor in chief, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking and Modernist Cuisine at Home

The Cooking Lab, LLC

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While I would not want to compare a visit to the MC cooking lab to a religious experience for fear of offending someone.

Personally it would be. Good food has added so much to my life (and my weight). Good Food is the corner stone of Communication and Well-Being in our home and with our friends. Conversations during the meal provide opportunities to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another.

Trouble is especially with the kids over the years the standard keeps getting higher Dad is the cook and is held to a high standard - thankfully I discovered Modernist Cuisine.

Mike Macdonald Calgary

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