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[Modernist Cuisine] What are your favorite new recipes from the book - that do not require fancy equipment?

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I LOVE the strawberry gazpacho soup. I use a ziplock bag instead of a vacuum sealer and use a regular sieve I bought from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (I think). I leave out the fructose and use citric acid instead of the malic acid, which I picked up at an Asian grocery store. For the strawberry consomme component, I just puree and strain some strawberries--not very consomme-like, but it gets the job done! sf-smile.gif

The bbq sauces and curries require no special equipment or ingredients (except for the centrifuged barbecue sauce, of course!).

I also got a great response from my friends when I made the Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts. There is no better way to eat a Brussels sprout.

Judy Wilson

Editorial Assistant

Modernist Cuisine

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I suppose it depends on what you define as out of the ordinary equipment. I've had tremendous success with many of the pressure cooker recipes. The carrot soup and french onion soup are unbelievable! But, I've also adopted the practice of adding a little baking soda to meats that I want to brown, in general.

I made a version of the pistachio gelato using store-bought nut butter and nut oil (cashew) and a regular old ice cream maker, and had great results.

Scott Heimendinger

Director of Applied Research for Modernist Cuisine

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The gong bao chicken was fantastic. Although I found it to be incredibly chilli-ey, and I consider myself someone who likes a lot of spice. Most of my family couldn't eat it. I think the dried chilli's we bought might have been a bit more than the ones the MC team used.

I also tried the tikka masala, but I was a bit disappointed with the results. I also found the picture of the MC's attempt very different to the recipes (theres was a bone in single piece of chicken).

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