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Cooking with "All About Braising" by Molly Stevens (Part 2)


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There were some really ripe mangos at the grocery store, so the other night I did the pork with mango, coconut and lime. But, in my case, it was chicken thighs because they were super inexpensive.

This is a really, really nice dish with either pork or chicken thighs.

I sure wish my venison was fatty enough to do the rendang.

Susan Fahning aka "snowangel"
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Jean, I picked up a used copy of this cookbook over the summer but have yet to cook from it. Thanks for bumping up the topic.

In addition to sandwiches, your leftovers would probably be good in tacos or empanadas.

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I got a head of cabbage in my CSA so I decided to try the Braised Green Cabbage with Balsamic Vinegar.

Prep time = less than 5 minutes (cut cabbage, chop onion, slice carrot, add stock & olive oil, s&p).



After 2 hours (with a drizzle of balsamic, and fleur de sel):


I am not especially a fan of cabbage but this was really excellent and so easy to make.

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This is a great book to pick up again for fall/winter.


I had a bunch of leeks from my CSA and wasn't sure what to do with them. I tried the braised leeks with bacon & thyme. I used homecured fresh (unsmoked) bacon that was fried. The bacon drippings are mixed with stock (I didn't have any so I used a bit of veal demi glace diluted with water) to make the braising liquid. Then the sliced leeks go in the oven for 30 minutes covered (with some garlic cloves cut in half), turned and cooked for another 20 minutes, and lastly 15 minutes more with the bacon. I didn't bother reducing the braising liquid, but the little squeeze of lemon juice at the end is important. This reminded me of a childhood classic, endives au jambon (braised endives with ham). This was really tasty and dead simple. I served it with steak.


Braised leeks with bacon and thyme


Ribeye steak; braised leeks with bacon and thyme


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I was miffed I had to buy my own copy of All About Braising because the library (where I work) had discarded it from our collection.


Night before last I prepared braised potatoes with garlic & bay leaves.  This is the recipe on page 39 of the book, not the braised potato recipe Molly shared earlier in the thread.  The primary difference is in the book she has you brown the potatoes in the evaporated braising liquid.


The potatoes were a revelation.  So much easier than roast potatoes.  I served the potatoes with leftovers of @Chufi's butter braised beef.  One note:  the potato pan was a mess.  Next time I plan to use a non-stick saute pan instead of my earthenware donabe.


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