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DIY miniature smoke house


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I know I will be doing smoking for many years, especially cold smoking, I decided that I should put some effort into a more complicated smoke generator.


Basically it is an external smoke generator made from a stainless steel cylinder. The fuel is wood chips or pellets. 


The smoke is piped out thru a 24"  brass flexible accordion stove gas pipe. The smoke is cooled by the accordion brass pipe and lots of black liquid (creosol?) is condensed and collected into a bottle (cancer in a bottle?) before it enters into the smoker.


The smoke is pulled by a small motorized blower with a speed control for smoke density adjustments, and blown thru a viewing window. The viewing window is lit with LED light to allow for visual view of smoke density going into the smoker without having to open the smoker.


The system is very stable and economical in pellet use. I have had over 24 hour continuous  smokes with no need for supervision or adding more fuel.





I built something very similar however not with a viewing window and powered by a large aquarium air pump and I agree, it works wonderfully.

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