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Long term cooking classes in Kyoto?

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Hi guys, I'm new here, my name's Pham Thanh Tam, was born Nov 04 1994 in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city. I'm now a 2nd year of Saigon Tourism Vocational College, specialist's Restaurant & Hotel Administrator and with a huge passion for foods and true deep love with Japan's culture / people, made me want to become a chef and Japan will be my goal to make it come true. 

After graduation, I want to apply for a scholarship (Asahi 
scholarship) to go to Kyoto and attend some cooking classes. Like you see, I do love Japan very much, that why I want to stay there as long as I can (3-4 years as I can and it would be the best If they let me stay there forever) but the huge problem right now is, I can't find any "Long term cooking classes" or any "vocational school"  in Kyoto. 

I was waiting this since I still in highschool many years ago and now I'm still waiting for 2 more years to make my dream come true, maybe my family's financial not good enough to help me do that, even my parents aren't support me to go there and many problems while applying for the scholarship. Combined all of above, made the number of percent that I can't go there up to 85% and my dream's harder to come true. But it wont hurt If you make for you some hope, right ?

Kyoto was like a 2nd homeland itself to me, some people may want to make a lot of money, a big house, an expensive car and a beautiful wife but I only want to living in Japan, in Kyoto, learn to cook, open a small restaurant for my own, marry a little cute Japanese girl, have a baby and live like that forever, dream like that is too much ?

P/S: I'm so sorry, that I go too far for a foods topic. Some how, I just want to share my feeling with you guys, so you can understand me more and so at least you can help me. 

Thank for all your help, If you guys want to share anything, just post on this topic, it would be my pleasure to share my dream with you all. 


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Welcome to eGullet, Pham Thanh Tam!

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any ideas about long-term cooking classes in Kyoto. I hope someone else here does. In the meantime, perhaps you can talk about Japanese and Vietnamese cooking, and how they differ or how they're similar. Do you have some favorite recipes that you'd like to share with us?

What sorts of food do you cook for yourself at home?

Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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Good morning and thank you so much.

I'll prepare some traditional Vietnam foods and post it with images attachment when I got time (it may take a while, because my English Kitchen doesn't good enough to make my own recipe) but I promise you that I'll try.

Still hoping someone can help me

Thank you for reply. 

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I can't offer much help in terms of cooking classes in Japan.. But, I do see there is a Hotel Nikko in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City.  They are a Japanese owned Hotel Chain with locations in Japan.. Maybe there are other Japanese Hotels you can work at and eventually have them transfer you to their Japan locations.  


Just an idea.  


To be 20 years old and have a long term goal like that puts you at an advantage over most people. Good luck. I hope you update us on your success. 

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Good morning and sorry for reply so late cause I only can post 2 posts a day

Yes sir, I do know Nikko Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city, I go pass it everyday from home to school. I was planning to choose there to training and write graduate thesis for my last year (9 months I guess). After that I’m gonna apply for a scholarship to go to Japan, just hope I make it.

Thank you so much for reply, I will notice you on my success.

@Plantes Vertes: Thank you so much, will waiting for your and your friend news.


P/S: If I accident made this foods topic become study abroad advising centre, then I really sorry. I promise that I will post some recipes of traditional Vietnam’s food which I learn from my mom in another time.

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I really respect your drive, and ambition! I have no possible way to help you right now, but I really appreciate your ideas, and I wish you the best!


Welcome to Egullet, where you'll find new friends, new ideas, and countless resources.

I'm a lifelong professional chef. If that doesn't explain some of my mental and emotional quirks, maybe you should see a doctor, and have some of yours examined...

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