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Chai Masala Ganache

Leon Krohn

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Hello everyone, this is my first time actually 'participating' in this forum (apart from having read through topics the other times)

I love Chai Masala, in my case more the 'western' drinking method, we used to infuse the tea/spices and then drink it with a bit of honey and steamed milk as you would for a 'latte or cappuccino'


I want to try and see if I can make a ganache with it that really carries the flavor but my first try so far has failed.


I used a formula from Greweling for it, it's his recipe for a white chocolate green tea ganache which uses a ratio of 2.7, glucose and cocoa butter. I am not sure if I would be allowed to post the proportions here, so I am leaving them out for now, just in case.


The ganache was a bit too soft to be slabbed, I will try to make molded once the next time, and unfortunately was absolutely terrible. Extremely sweet and not at all what I was looking for. For this ganache I only used the spices cinnamon, cardamom and muscat, made as an infusion with black tea.


Does anyone have any recipes that you can recommend, I realize that white chocolate is a bit more tricky but for now I will have to give it a few more tries until I switch to milk / dark chocolate.


Thanks, Leon

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I can't stand working with white chocolate in recipes.  Unless I know exactly what chocolate is being used I'm always concerned it won't set up for me and that often ends up being the case.  It's not a white chocolate chai ganache, but give this one a go if you like.  I experimented and came up with this one a few years back, I really enjoy it but find the flavour is too dull after a week or so.  I normally use it as a whipped ganache but you can use it as a normal ganache too.  I'm not sure if it's firm enough to use slabbed.  I'm pretty sure you need 20-22% minimum CB for that so it shouldn't be too hard to calculate based on your chocolate.


Part A:

20g chai tea mix (leaves plus spices, I use T2's standard chai mix so don't know what the proportions would be if you had to put it together yourself)

180g cream 35%

15g water

25g sorbitol


Part B:

66g butter

235g milk chocolate

20g dark chocolate 66%


Simmer part A for three minutes.  Strain and add milk to bring weight to 133g.

Pour over part B.  Emulsify.  Cover with glad wrap and let set overnight.

Whip then pipe.

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I've used Greweling's "Chai Tiger" formula with great success.

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