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Who likes Buche?


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OK... i can see there were no responses to my post about Mexican buffets in El Paso. LOL

thats ok. i cant say i am not disappointed.

i did find several that were great..... and really satisfied my huge appetite.

if you really want to know the names of the places.... you can send me a PM and i'll let you know.

but this post is about Buche....... this odd meat i found in my favorite Mexican grocery in the take out section.

i bought a small piece and i discovered i LOVED it.

from what i can tell... BUCHE meat is a pigs throat. they fry it in lard and you can eat it chopped up in a warm tortilla.

really it was wonderful ! it is thin slices of meat from the throat.... its chewy but its very tasty.

so ? has anyone had this and if you have ? did you like it ?

i am crazy about it. lol

man i LOVE El Paso !

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I thought it was stomach. That's what they said it was at the one restaurant where I've had it.

Judy's in Kansas City, KS. I liked it too.

YES ! you are right ! it is stomach. i asked around again and it is indeed stomach of the pig. just WONDERFUL STUFF !

i love love LOVE this place ! its always an adventure when it comes to good food.

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