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Ingredients to get from Peru

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I think I've mentioned chocotejas (http://helenachocolatier.com/Orange-Chocoteja-OCT.htm) on eGullet before and I would definitely request some in a care package. My favorite is the orange.

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"The main thing to remember about Italian food is that when you put your groceries in the car, the quality of your dinner has already been decided." – Mario Batali
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Docsconz did a long blog in 2007 about his family's trip to Peru, with plenty of emphasis on food, of course. Perhaps this will give you some ideas. Here:

If you're a salt afficianado, you can ask for some Peruvian salt from the Maras salt mines. I recommend the fleur de sel, which I brought home from my trip. It came in rough crystals back then--you'll need a salt grinder to use it. I only bought the fleur de sel, I didn't think the regular salt was anything special. About Maras:

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