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8 qt. Tri-Ply Stock Pot w/inserts at Coscto for $49

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Costco has a Tramontina brand tri-ply 8 qt. stock pot that includes both a steamer insert and a pasta insert (which is nice and deep) for just $49.95. Beautiful looking and seems to be about the same weight and thickness as my AllClad pieces. I checked the web and the same pot is going for $130 and up without the steamer insert.

It's in a box packed especially for Coscto, so I assume it's in pretty wide distribution.

The package does not state it's induction compatible, but some websites say it is. The package claims it uses 18/10 stainless, which would normally not be induction friendly. But I did a quick test with a magnet and it adhered nicely to the pot. So either there's also a layer of steel in there or most likely the outer layer is 18/0 which is induction friendly. I don't have an induction burner to try it with though.

So for $49.95 I thought this was a great deal and I snapped one up.

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18/10 steel is induction friendly

Steel is iron with a little bit of carbon

Stainless steel is steel with a bit of chromium (12% at least to qualify as stainless, almost all contain 18%), this is 18/0

A little nickel is usually added to prevent corrosion, this is the second number, in good cookware it's 10% thus

18/10 stainless steel= iron, a little carbon, 18% chromium, 10% nickel.

Both iron and nickel are ferromagnetic, and will work with induction. Any steel/stainless steel pan will work with induction cooktop

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