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Speedy desserts and elements thereof

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I am looking for ideas for desserts or their elements that can be done very quickly, say withing 60 minutes from start to serve. Could you share what your go to speed fixes are?

Also, looking for ideas to speed up things that normally would take longer, such as cooling lemon curd in ice bath, then freezer after cooking to set quickly, using molecular gelling agents to speed up setting etc. The sort of things that a restaurant needs to use when an order is messed up and you have to produce new one quickly and from scratch.


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Quick corn shortbreads and fruit quick macerated in honey and brandy or rum, fruit parfaits with cream (whipped or chantilly), chocolate mousses and other desserts of their ilk. All of these can be done within 60 minutes if you know what you're doing; some of them in considerably less time.

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What level of difficulty and complexity are you looking for?

Simple desserts can be made with fresh or preserved fruit, sugar/honey/maple syrup/brown sugar, with yoghurt/whipping cream/sour cream, etc. Served with a crisp cookie, this can be a very satisfying dessert.

Crepes are simple and fast, particularly if you have the batter ready or even have crepes premade. Fillings are limited only by your imagination.

Fruits sauteed in butter with sugar and then flamed with liquor if you like that are good, tasty. Topped with some sort of cream thing, extra tasty. I especially like bananas with brown sugar, lemon juice, flamed with rum, then served with creme fraiche, although a caramel ice cream would be good, too. :)

A recipe I recently tried was a flour tortilla stuffed with sliced banana, chocolate and marshmallow, sauteed in butter until everything inside was melty. Good.

At a restaurant the other day we had nutella panini -- French bread sliced and stuffed with nutella, cooked/flattened in butter, served with powdered sugar over all. Also good.

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Whipped cream desserts or individual serving baked desserts are fast. If you use prepared pastry you can also make tarts/pies/streudel. The microwave is convenient for melting chocolate and cooking fruit.




Molten chocolate cake


Cooked fruit


Baked/grilled fruit

Individual clafoutis

Poached pears





Oeufs a la neige



Creme caramel






Dipped fruit


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Crepes, cream puffs, chocolate mousse, shortcake, zabaglione, pavlova, tapioca ...

I'm a big fan of a well-stocked freezer. Lemon curd, coulis, buttercream, fudge sauce, biscotti logs & cut-out shortbread ready to bake. I try to avoid needing emergency back-ups, but stuff happens.

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