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Paul Bacino

Stuffed Shells–ricotta cheese

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8oz---best ricotta you can get

4 oz-- fresh mozzarella, chopped fine

2 oz -- Parmesan, fresh grated-- I use Romano at times

1 oz--- Fontenella cheese..grated, this adds a bit of pungent sharpness

T. Of Parsley

Mix all above, now I add pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of sugar and 1 egg to bind. Allow 1 hr set of the mix, you can cover with plastic wrap.

Some may want to add a touch of white pepper.

This is enough to make 8-12 jumbo shells

For the shells:

I buy Barilla Jumbo shells, and cook in salted water 8 mins, for the shells..you have to stir often or shells will stick to bottom of pan. Then I rinse these shells in cold water..to remove starch and stop cooking..make handle able.

Fill and place in a ceramic cooking vessel with a 2" deep lip, Cover in foil cook 325. 40 mins..rise to 350 - 375 uncover ...20 or until shells for a crust so the edges. Cool and serve

Sauce...make your own sugo

To finish. : Add. Extra topped grated cheese and sauce.

I always make sure my sauce comes 1/2 way up the shell in the dish and add enough top sauce to help keep moisture.

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