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Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection Oven (Part 1)

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This is a more general question regarding steam/convection ovens; has anyone figured how precise is the temperature control? I don't own a circulator or anything like that, so I've been wondering whether I could do some of "sous vide stuff" I wish to do with an oven like these Cuisinarts or Brevilles. Could one do for example 60°C pork for 24hrs, or use ziploc bags at 60-80°C to make creme anglaises or whatever like that with these ovens (I don't necessarily mind even a 1-3°C difference, meaning that it's not absolutely critical for me to have a 60°C steak instead of for example 62°C)?

I'm not sure I want to invest in a sous vide setup at the moment when I don't see myself using it enough to justify it. But getting a steam/convection oven one can use instead of a normal oven (though normal ovens are bigger). Thanks for all the help!

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I also don't think a 24 hour cook is appropriate for these ovens.


the CSB I think has a Max time of 120 min.


plain steam lowest setting is 100 F.  its been established in another current thread that " F " cooking is tastiest 




and on 'steam-bake' the lowest temp is 225 F.


if you don't want to get a circulator, you should consider a 'beer cooler ' w added water to your temp for brief cooks :


eggs, custard, tender steaks.


if you go way back in this thread  two steaks were done on 'stream' and the OP loved them


indicated they were " Best "


maybe 2 hours for a tender rib eye ?

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I checked the recipes that come with the oven and some of them have up to a 2 hour cooking time.  I would be nervous doing a longer cook and I think one would have to refill the water reservoir and empty the drip tray.

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I think most of the folks following this thread have mastered the use of this machine but other newbs like me might find this booklet for the Wolf steam convection useful. Unlike most others I've seen, it's organized by the cycle type rather than by type of food or dish.


Caveat: it's written for a larger oven by a different manufacturer with different features. That said, I found it useful to identify starting points for the cycle type, temp and time ranges.

For example, the 7 min steam bake @ 300 F to refresh stale bread is likely a good estimate for a whole loaf. 4 min did a good job on a stale roll.

I also tried the "hard boiled" eggs - 21 min on steam @ 210 F and found it to work well.


The upper egg (with the little nick caused by me in peeling) was cooked per those instructions and looks good to me. I left the lower egg in the oven for a few minutes while I chilled and peeled the first one so it's a little more cooked.

Such advanced culinarily delights I am sharing with you here - hard boiled eggs and stale rolls!!!

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thanks for offering your insights to the Eggs.


do you like Yolks for  the     --- aise series ?


hollandaise  etc ?


look back a bit to previous posts


on the down side   ....


do you have a Gym Membership ?  one you actually go to ?


just saying


keen on seeing your next contribution ( s ) 


BTW  :  do you have an InstaPot ?


just saying .............. :biggrin:

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I love this thing! Thanks to those that sang its praises and encouraged my purchase.


Its new home. I think it will be OK here although initially I was worried about the nearby cords and bottom of the shelf above the oven. 




Dorie Greenspan's apple cake. 325F convention for 30 minutes. Tested done but was a bit loose on the bottom in the very center. Fortunately not a problem for this cake. Next time, 315F convection til looks and tests done and make sure rack is adjusted as low as possible (I think it was this time but don't know for sure).




The oven is not tall enough for bread in a pan.



A very small winter squash, bake/steam  400F for 30 minutes. Think I'll try convection next time as I like the flesh a bit drier.



And of course, wonderful toast and reheated frozen foccacia.







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I've done loaves without burning the top. That's just getting to know the oven...when baking, make sure you're on the lowest shelf with the rack positioned correctly.

Host's note: this topic continues here: Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection Oven (Part 2)

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