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Kodoku no Gurume


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An excellent gurume dorama, from 2012:


Excellent series, with commentary by the manga author on which the series is based, visiting the actual restaurants the series is filmed in towards the end of each episode after the "drama" part ends. A look atl restaurants/eating places/eateries which are typically NOT tourist traps and how such places are. Wonderful food and commentary, with all sorts of Japanese, Japanese-fusion, Western-influenced food, etc etc shown. Vignettes into modern Japanese society and its mores, too.

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BTW, the previous post links to just Season 1 of Kodoku no Gurume (English subtitled).

Season 2 was released in 2012 also,while Season 3 was aired in 2013.

Here are the links for Season 2 and 3 (also English-subtitled) from the same website:



Note: "Playlist 1" encompasses the full episode but is in two parts, one needs to click on "Part 2" in the link just above the video frame to go on to the second half of the episode.

Here is another site for English-subtitled Season 3, starting with episode 1 (navigation arrows above the vid frame for going on to the following episodes): http://www.chia-anime.com/drama/watch/japanese-drama/kodoku-no-gurume-season-3/episode-1

I like this series, even if it is more of a "food-documentary" than a true drama. It shows slices of everyday modern Japanese life, with good food as a focus (of course!) but in everyday places such as everyday folks would encounter and enjoy. The sections at the end of every episode where the manga author Qusumi visits the actual restaurants shown in each episode and chats with the owners/management is also nice, IMO.

ETA: The DVDs are available from A**zon but one should note the Zone region, which will vary from Region 2 (USA incompatible) to 'all regions'.

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Kodoku no Gurume Season 5 has started.


Info here.


English-subtitled videos of Season 5 here.  Vids added as the season progresses.



Nice stuff, showcasing tasty meals that ordinary folks enjoy and savor, with running commentaries and vignettes on modern Japanese society as well.

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There is a Taiwanese version of this, called "Lonely Gourmet", starring Wu Lang (Winston Chao) as the businessman who goes on eating expeditions after work (or whenever) in Taipei. Restaurants hither and yon, street stalls, night markets, etc.





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