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Paul Bacino

Looking to buy Tim Smith Climax Moonshine

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We live in Nebraska..and I'm asking for a friend that wants to buy some?

We'd have to buy it and ship it, if it's legal. To Nebraska.

I have never bought spirits....but bought a few bottles of wine before


Its good to have Morels

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I'd go here:


And start calling to see if you can find a store that will ship. First you should see if it's legal to ship into Nebraska. Their site does not make it very easy to distinguish bars that are serving it from stores that are selling it.

I guess the Moonshiners show has helped out his business. Brilliant marketing by Tim Smith. "Hey work with a legal distillery, I bet I can sell a ton of product off the show's popularity."

Off topic, but why aren't the folks on the show immediately arrested? Even if they shots around the stills and moonshine are faked to protect them, you'd still think that they would be staked out by and eventually arrested.

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