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Seeds/grains don't stick on baked breads! Any "glue" ideas?


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Greetings, bread bakers! I'm experimenting with topping my breads with rolled oats and seeds, with some successfully sticking (after a dip in water previous to the second rise), and lots falling off after baking. I'm wondering if another liquid like milk, or maybe a corn starch slurry would be a good idea? Here's a quick shot of some rye breads with oat bran, which stuck on pretty successfully, but being a smaller material, I think that had something to do with it. Any experiences to share? Thanks.




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For seeds I just scatter them in the bottom of the proving basket. For a decent coating of oats have a tray with a wet tea towel in the bottom and a tray with plenty of oats. Roll the dough after shaping on the wet tea towel and then in the oats until completely coated.


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