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Cardamom and Chocolate

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The other night I decided, on a whim, to make some chocolate mousse. I had never tried to make chocolate mousse before but I was feeling adventurous so I picked up the whisk and got busy. Whilst I was melting the chocolate in the pan, I suddenly remembered reading, a while back, that cardamom and chocolate are in fact unlikely bed fellows. Well it just so happens that I was stood right next to my spice rack, so it would have been rude not to.

I crushed up a couple of pods with the pestle and mortar, threw them in with mix and heated it up. I poured the mixture into little bowls, popped them in the fridge and eagerly awaiting the results.

Unfortunately, the actual mousse sides of things was a bit of a disaster (I blame the quantity of cream). I left the bowls in the fridge for well over an hour and there was no sign of the little devils setting. Eventually I gave up, cut my loses and decided to just eat the gloopy slop anyway. What's the worse that could happen?!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, what did happen was a taste revolution. Although the consistency was more like soup than mousse the taste was amazing! I think now I shall never eat chocolate without cardamom again.

Please, please try it if you haven't already. You will not regret the experience.


Laura x x x

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That does sound tasty. Thanks for the tip!

Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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"Every day should be filled with something delicious, because life is too short not to spoil yourself. " -- Ling (with permission)

"There comes a time in every project when you have to shoot the engineer and start production." -- author unknown

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