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Recipe for Roasted Pork Gravy with Tomatoes, Prunes Wanted.

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Dear all,

I’m looking for pork gravy that uses tomatoes and a dried fruit sweetener.

Thanks in advance,


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That is one delicious-sounding treatment for pork. You bet I just printed it and will be heading to the butcher tomorrow. I'll have to look up the word for tenderloin in Spanish.

But at the risk of hijacking this young thread, I remember my mother and grandmother sighing wistfully over a recipe for spare ribs with prunes and raisins. This was from the 50s, so there was no grilling involved, just oven roasting. They lost the recipe and for decades I've tried to find something like that. This recipe for pork tenderloin sounds as close as anything I've found. I think it's the prunes in the sauce.

I don't think this is what the OP wanted, though. It could be a Spanish recipe, given that fruit like raisins or prunes is often combined with tomato and other ingredients and (in México) chiles.

Anyway, thanks for the recipe and the memory.

Nancy in Pátzcuaro

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