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Santee, CA - Some restaurants to be closed

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Just an FYI...

The Santee City Council, in its infinite wisdom, has approved a new condo development on the land where two restaurants currently stand; One is the original Omelette Factory and the other is Pinnacle Peak (who knew it was part of a small chain?).

My mom, who lives just up the street from these restaurants, is furious. She thinks the council wanted to collect more property tax on the land by jamming condos onto it, than what is currently being generated by the two restaurants.

With the eventual closing of these two restaurants, the south/west side of Santee will have slim pickings when it comes to restaurants to choose from.

I spoke with the owner of the Omelette Factory and he isn't too happy, either. But he says any closings will be be a year or more away. He said no one has done any of the major paperwork (like Environmental Impact Reports) yet, which take time to have done. In the long run he's not sure whether they'll reopen in another part of Santee or just stick with their La Mesa restaurant.

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