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Dublin recommendations?

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The Greenhouse is top of the list for me. Inexplicably overlooked by Michelin for a star again this year, but IMO the most exciting cooking in town.

I don't get out as much as I used to, but what kind of thing are you looking for?

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I don't have too many recommendations and with no real direction on what you'd like these are going to be all over the place, but here it goes:

The Greenhouse - probably the best meal I've had in Dublin so far. Quite pricey, but very good. I agree with Simon -I don't know why they got passed over for a Michelin star.

L. Mulligan Grocers - I guess you would call this a gastropub. It has a great selection of whiskey as well as craft beers (both from Ireland, themselves labeled as The Brown Paper Bag Project which are the best Irish craft beer there is I think, and else where). If you want "Irish food" this is a good place to have it as they put a lot of effort into it and their ingredients. Could also visit their sister restaurant WJ Kavenaugh's

Winding Stair or Pig's Ear - similar food to L. Mulligan Grocers, but a little more upscale

Butcher's Grill - meat centric place that has not much to do with Irish food, but is consistently one of my favorite restaurants in Dublin (you could also visit their sister restaurants 777 or Dillinger's)

Vintage Cocktail Club - good small bites as well as craft cocktails. Craft cocktail scene seems to be up and coming in Dublin, but it still isn't amazing though VCC seems to be one of the better ones in town

I haven't found an amazing seafood restaurant in Dublin yet which I think is odd given it's location. I can't vouch for it myself as I haven't been yet, but A. Caviston which is a little south of Dublin on the coast is supposed to be quite good.

That's a start for you.

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