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Potluck Frittata


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We've got a family potluck brunch coming up in a couple of weeks, and I was thinking of making a couple of frittatas. They needn't be the same. Here are the requirements:

They will be made the day before;

They have to travel about fifty miles;

They can be reheated at the site, but it would be nice if we can skip the reheating;

Meat is acceptable in one, the other will be, more or less, vegetarian;

Cheese is acceptable in at least one version;

Ideally be able to be served in a couple of pie dishes or 9 x 13 Pyrex dishs

Any suggestions?

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There are any number of threads about frittatas...

Here's one that Fat Guy started.

Here's one that Fat Guy started.

I don't think you should even think about reheating frittatas. I make them specifically so that I can have them at room temperature.

Leftover pasta is one of my favorite "fillings" as I blogged about a while ago.

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Awhile ago I posted a recipe for Baked Greek Omelette with Summer Squash. It's like a frittata. I think it's easier to cook. The recipe is here, post #47.

I also like a Spanish potato frittata. I cook the one from Carrie Brown's Jimtown Store cookbook. It's on Googlebooks, here:

One concern I have--you're dealing with eggs, though they're cooked eggs. Assuming you have them chilled in the fridge at first, they'll be warming at room temp during your drive, and then possibly for awhile at the party, for more than 2 hrs. Does anybody have concerns about salmonella here?

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Here's how I make ours:




bell pepper (colour to choice)

yellow onion

herbs de province.

1) gently sauté the lardons.

2) add the potatoes which you have chopped into small cubes. Stir.

3) add the bell pepper which you have chopped into bite sized chunks.

4) now add the onions which been chopped fine.

5) cook & stir until the potatoes & onions have softened.

6) add salt & pepper & Herbs de Province to taste.

7) beat the eggs lightly & pour over the mix. Tilt the pan to spread evenly.

8) cook just until the eggs just start to come away from the pan edges.

9) Place the pan into the oven with the grill on & cook until the top of the eggs are cooked. (It is at this point where you can add cheese, tomatoes of whatever you like.)

10) remove & let rest.

For a vegetarian version simply omit the lardons.

This is good hot, cold or at room temperature. Keeps at least 2 day if stored in the fridge.

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