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Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo

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Just re-visited Le Louis XV after many years of no-show. Full photo & text report can be found on my web blog (you'll see the link in my profile).

Picked: Velouté rafraichi de courgette trompette, homard bleu court-bouillonné, caillé de brebis/Cookpot de petit épautre, girolles et jeunes légumes/Loup de la méditérannée (seabass) en filet piqué d’Olives, garniture et bouillon d’un minestrone, basilic pilé au mortier/Poitrine de Pigeonneau des Alpes de haute Provence, foie gras de canard/ . All nicely prepared, but I wished the flavors were more expressive as I came to expect from this type of classic French/Med cooking. For example, the cookpot de petit épautre: dishes cooked this traditional way (pot cooking) do usually deliver lingering aromas that I failed to enjoy with this serving. Particular mention, though, for the cheeses and the Baba au rhum (as stunning as I remember them from my last visit here, many years ago). Conclusion: I may not have been floored by the overall food performance on this specific lunch (remember, nothing was wrong with the food, it is just that I tend to be partial to strong /bold/eventful flavors like those found in the dip of the crudités or while enjoying my baba au rhum ) , but Le Louis XV is a dining experience of superlative attributes (stunning decor, world class service, cheeses of the highest standards , choices of wines that will please the most demanding wine lovers and I can go on and on with the qualities).

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