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Kale in France: "Trendy Green Mystifies France"


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I think this story should be read with a large grain of salt.

I don't know about kale specifically, but there are certainly lots of leafy vegetables to choose from in the French markets. I'll have look for kale next time I shop. On the average market stall one can normally find 5-7 varieties of lettuce (salad), fresh spinach and a variety or two of large leafed stuff whose names I can't remember.

I do remember that quite a few years ago the French didn't seem to know anything about parsnips. You never saw them at market. Eventually they started to appear, first on one stall, then others. (I think some English person had encouraged their French friend to grow them.) Now parsnips are readily available. French market stall holders are like merchants anywhere; if they see a market for something they'll try to get into it.

Maybe we're in for a kale glut?

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