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Sorry you were underwhelmed, but it has a great cheese/salumi counter, excellent meats and poultry, fine fresh pasta, truffles, and a fun selection of packaged goods, be they in boxes, bags, cans and jars.

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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Not to mention a killer butcher counter, huge selection of pastas, and Danicoop tomatoes. I'm a believer, despite the PITA aspects.

Mind you, the local supermercado I sometimes go to (Guanajuato #3) has a meat counter around a hundred feet long or more, stuffed full of all sorts of meats at great prices (chicken drumsticks @ 69¢/lb on occasion, for example) which has always been mobbed on every occasion I've been there - i.e. the stuff "moves". ;-) Of course, the place wouldn't have foie gras or 60-day dry-aged ribeye or some such... but standard beef short ribs, meaty stuff, at a great price? Yes. Edited by huiray (log)
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