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Maamoul - Arabian Delights

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tehmeena, please educate us (or perhaps me, in case I'm the only person who doesn't know what you're showing):

1. What is maamoul? How is it made, what does it taste like, what are the ingredients, when might you eat it?

2. What is that interesting hand-held gizmo in the photo? I expect it's involved in making or serving maamoul, but I don't know.

As I write this, your maamoul post is only your second post to eGullet. Welcome to eGullet! Please stick around and keep contributing! You've certainly piqued my interest!

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To answer:

Ma'moul are Levantine cookies made from a typical cookie type dough (sort of on the cake-ier side), with a filling usually consisting of date or fig paste. Think Arabic Fig Newtons and that's not far off. The dough if I'm correct is pretty buttery, as that's part of the taste of the typical ma'moum - butter and dates, with most of the sweetness coming from the dates (or figs)

The gizmo is a wooden mould and is what gives ma'moul its name, as in this context it means "moulded". The cookie is formed by hand into a ball, placed into the hollow of the mould, and then flattened down, almost like Chinese moon cakes. Each one, once finished, has a pretty consistent shape and pattern.

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