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Michelin 2014 / GFG Awards etc

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I went to L'Enclume last week; was there pretty much a year ago to the day and what a difference. Not so much from the food (take that as a given mind-bending BTW), more the service. New open plan kitchen in the main restaurant, more staff and a real finesse about the floor, much of it thanks to the oft mentioned GM Sam, who is clearly coming into his own. OK, they've up'd the main degustation to £120 from £95, but at least you can see where your money's going and, by French standards, it's still a bargain - that's a single dish at L'Amboisie. The parade of nibbles at the start is so good it verges on eclipsing the remainder of the meal.

That being said, my money for the 3rd star this year once again goes to Andrew Fairlie. He's slipped under the GFG, AA, gastro-blog radar (thus Michelin can claim the 'discovery'; they do seem to be a bunch of bitchy girls if someone starts and gets on the band wagon ahead of them) and has the weight of the Gleaneagles (Diageo) experience all around and behind him. The food is executed briliiantly, plus the dining room is resplendent in understated luxury that screams mahooooosive expense without being overstated.

I'd be delighted if Sat got his third too, I used to live in Notts and what he's achieved as a destination experience in that location and part of the world (which I love) is phenomenal. Either way, if he, Fairlie or Simon Rogan nail a third it will make headlines as no restaurant that far north has ever reached that level before.

Michelin have the world before them in the UK this year. None of it would be unjust in my opinion, but they could make a huge wave in restaurant history with the forthcoming guide. The stars (no pun intended) haven't ever aligned in this way. It could be interesting...

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Surely there must be some "leaks" seeing as though the guide is out at midnight tonight. I know i`m being a little ambitious here but my gut feeling tells me that Mr Rogan is going to be our next UK Michelin 3 star restaurant....this guide or next. It has to happen soon , surely.

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