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Brix for nanking cherries

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Does anyone know the approximate Brix for nanking cherries. I know there are several variables involved such as terrior etc. I am just looking for an approx value. I want to make pate de fruit and it has been ages since I have made anything pate de fruit!

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    • Pâte de Fruits (Fruit Paste/Fruit Jellies) (Part 2)
      By minas6907
      Hey all, I got a question for you who make pate de fruit on a regular basis. I know it's quite simple to pour the finished pate de fruit into a frame, but does anyone here use a confectionery funnel to deposit them into forms? I'm asking because in Notters 'Art of the Chocolatier' it seems his primary way of making the jellies is to deposit the mixture into a flexipan, and his alternate method is to pour it into a frame. I'm wondering simply if anyone does/has done this before. The jellies seem to set quite quickly, and I'm not sure if you just need to be super fast with this or not. I want to try it, but shy away (I need to get appropriate forms first) because I keep feeling like I'll end up with half the mixture deposited and the other half solidified in the funnel. I assume warming the stainless funnel will aid the process, but I also assume that you have one attempt at this, and you cant rewarm the mixture as you would with fondant or gummies. Anyways, just a question I wanted to put out there. Thanks!
      Host's note: this is the second part of an extended topic that has been split in order to reduce load on our servers.  
      The first part is here: Pâte de Fruits (Fruit Paste/Fruit Jellies) (Part 1)
    • Pâte de Fruits (Fruit Paste/Fruit Jellies) (Part 1)
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      I buy pate de fruits whenever I find them, and particularly like these: http://www.recchiutichocolates.com/home.htm.
      Now I'd love to try making them. Any tips?
    • Pistachio Pralines
      By Tennessee Cowboy
      I am planning to make Pistachio Ice Cream with broken up Pistachio Pralines as a mix in.  I tried it once, using the Jeni's Ice Cream recipe (roast and run 1 c pralines through the blender until smooth, then add to her normal mixture.  There is a discussion of the pistachio ice cream under new members forums.  On the Pralines, I have read all of the posts in this forum on Pecan Pralines--click below if you want to see all of the posts.
      My questions are:
      1.  In general, how should I adapt the pecan praline recipes for Pistachios?  I have attached a file with most of the different recipes from the generic pralines forum.  Is there any reason to think one would be better than the other, as applied to pralines?
      2.  Any particular pistachio roasting recipe you think would work well?  (I've purchased raw, unsalted)
      3.  To get more pistachio-related flavor, should I substitute Pistachio Extract for Vanilla Extract.  Do I substitute one-for-one?  
      4.  Is there a role for Pistachio Paste to impart a more intense Pistachio flavor?  If so, how?
      Praline-multiple recipes.docx
    • Alcohol Infused Cough Drops
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      I saw a recipe on facebook today for making your own cough drops.  It was a basic hard candy recipe of sugar (and water) with a little honey, lemon, ground ginger & clove - cooked to hard crack, made into droplets on a silpat or parchment and left to cool/harden, then tossed in powdered sugar.  I'd like to doctor it up a bit and could use a little help.  Would it be possible to add a little whiskey into the mix?  Also, if I wanted to steep fresh ginger / clove / etc, what would be the best way to do so?  I was thinking using the water - even though it will all boil off I could steep the flavorings in that before adding it to the sugar.  Finally, what would be the best way to store them so they don't start to soften?  
    • UHT cream, Invert sugar and ganache shelf life
      By martin0642
      Hi all - i've been trying to find out how using UHT cream and Invert sugar can help with shelf life of ganache (for dipped or molded chocolates). I understand the principles by which invert sugar helps and obviously, having a sterilised cream can make a difference.
      What i'm struggling with is being able to work out roughly how much the use of these ingredients would extend shelf life. Another week? Two? I understand the recipe makes a difference but for arguments sake, lets say a 2:1 Milk chocolate to cream ration with 30% (by weight of cream)  glucose syrup added and....20% (by weight of cream) invert sugar added.
      ANy pointers?
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