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Noma - In Pictures

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The Noma lunch menu from August 8th 2013

Frozen gooseberry and elderflower


"Nordic Coconut" - Kohlrabi filled with liquid kolhrabi drunk through through the straw


Fried Reindeer moss, cep powder with creme fraiche


Danish flatbread with grilled roses


Peas, pine and chamomile


blackcurrant, berry and roses


caramelised milk crisp and cod liver


Cheese crisp and chive


Pickled, smoked quail egg


æbleskive (traditional danish christmas doughnut) filled with greens & fermented crickets


Grilled leek and cod roe


The bread, Noma's butter and pork fat with apple schnapps


Berries and grilled vegetables


Shrimps and rhubarb roots in leaves


onion and fermented pear


Beets and plums


cauliflower and pine with cream and fresh horseradish


potato and bleak fish roe


roasted turbot, celeriac, bitter greens and nasturtium


ants in leaves (used because of their lemony taste as lemons aren't native to Denmark)


Blueberry toasts


potato, plum compote and whipped centre of plum (which tastes like almond)


sourdough, roasted yeast and seaweed


danish pastry


Pork scratching, chocolate, berries


A treat for later - A beer specially brewed for Noma by Copenhagen craft beer brewer Mikeller


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iainpb - thanks for the photo report.

I am intrigued by the combination of beets with plums. Would you mind describing the dish? Thanks!

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Hi FrogPrincesse,

I'm not a huge beetroot fan so this wasn't one of my favourites. The dish was quite sweet courtesy of the beetroot which was very fresh. We found that vegetables seem to be cooked a little firmer in Denmark (Noma & other restaurants) than we are used to, so the soft beets and firm potatoes gave a nice contrast of textures. The dish was finished off with some quite bitter flowers so the dish was very nicely balanced when you had all three components together in one mouthful, but the components didn't work in isolation.

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What did you think of the lemon ants? Were they chilled or prepared in some way that would prevent them from running away?

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To be honest they were actually quite good, they had a consistency like jam (jelly for the US), they were fruity, vibrant and bright and if i hadn't known there were ants inside I would never have guessed. As far as I recall, they were just at room temperature, not chilled and i'm pretty sure they dead (at least I hope they were) and blended but unsure if the filling was pure ant or was mixed with another ingredient. I was a little squeamish about the concept of eating insects but put it out my mind and it tasted good!

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