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Grocery Shopping

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well , about Butter


a Chamber-Vac and freezer are helpful here 


for some time , not in the last few months


Generic butter would come from time to time for $ 1.49 locally


I stocked up and Vac'd


I decided to splurge  once


 and get Challenge butter




it was on sale for $1.99


so ive moved in that direction


it did taste better than the generic $ 1.49


this is one on many quirks I have.  its not economic as such


just odd.

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That is an excellent idea. I know that my darling and I often do exactly as described: go in for a few things - or even a whole list - but still stagger out wondering what happened. At our stores things are itemized in groups (meats together, dairy together, and so on) so we can kindof see where all the money went. The bar graphs and bubble diagrams in this receipt make a great visualization tool.


Would it change the way we shop? Well...probably not...but it would be enlightening. It might also help to confirm our suspicions that meat is more expensive at one of the places we shop but produce is more so at another.

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The weather this afternoon was as dry as it's been this spring (though that's not saying much) so I decided to hazard a trip to the store.  The wetlands are usually mud and standing water.  Today the trail was babbling brook.  Some civic minded soul had put down rocks for stepping stones.


I made it to Shoprite without falling in.  I didn't need much but I learned Shoprite no longer carries Jif Natural peanut butter.  Why, Shoprite?  I also stopped for rum.


Going home I planned a different, much longer route that I could cross dry shod.  In the fifteen years or so since the corn fields have become a park there are trails I've only been on a couple times.  I had to pause to appreciate the views.  I am fortunate to live in an area of natural beauty.  Even if it is short on grocery stores.


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