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Where to eat in Michigan Harbor Country

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My wife and I are spending a few days in New Buffalo, Michigan over our anniversary. We're willing to travel 10 or 15 miles for a real nice anniverary dinner. Any suggestions?

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There are 2 places where my wife and I have had anniversary dinners that you might like. According to Google maps, the Hesston Super Club, in Hesston, IN is a little over 6 miles away. About 10 miles away along the Red Arrow highway, there's the Soe Cafe, just outside Sawyer. In the opposite direction down the highway, about 6 miles, is Stop 50 Pizzaria in Michiana Shores, IN. A pleasant place w. very good Neapolitan style pies. Nice decor, but not cozy. Still, really good food.

Another place we have heard is quite fine is Timothy's in Union Pier, also about 6 miles away.

Have fun.

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