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Making Memories in Manitoulin – at it again!

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Oh man, I miss those Food and Drink Magazines. I still have about 20 back issues that I schlepped to California. Its fun seeing all the Canadian brands. Miss those too and Wow, you get garlic all the way from Cali. Nice.

Headed off to Sudbury today to get a few things. 83º F in the house when I got home.

I hit a number of different places to get the things I was after.


The extremely old and decrepit - but very effective oven mitts that I brought up here a dozen years ago seem to have disappeared from the drawer. So one of my destinations was STOP restaurant supply to replace them. They'll get hidden away in my locked cupboard when I leave this time. I also picked up a roll of siliconized pan liner that I think I might find a use for in my chocolate room.

Resisted all the BGE stuff there - but did try to convince them again that they need to hold an eggfest of some sort.


Costco provided some nice lamb chops as well as some oxygen packed mussels. I like that they've now split the package so that you can cook half and keep the other half oxygen packed until you want to use it.


The new Food and Drink magazine was available at the LCBO today. Haven't taken the time to look through it yet though.


Fixed myself a Maximilion Affair in the new glass I found at Homesense.


Dinner was leftovers - a bit of cold steak with the remains of the fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.

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