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Monosodium Glutamate/MSG: The Topic

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16 minutes ago, gfweb said:

I have friends who SWEAR that they get bad effects from MSG, but can gobble Doritos with no effect. 


Uh huh.

Never had a Doritos to test out that unstated theory.  In fact the above-posted event was my sole response to perhaps MSG.  No one else at the table felt the need to stand in the rain.

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learn, learn, learn...


Life in the Meadows and Rivers

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7 hours ago, liuzhou said:


Are you sure? It is in most convenience foods, snacks etc - usually listed as flavor enhancer. Also naturally in cheese, tomato, mushrooms and a host of other foods.

I'm sorry I ever said a word. I've never gotten dizzy from a handful of cheetos or a sliced tomato, and I've eaten plenty of both. This thread proves that people just love to defame or defend MSG at the drop of a hat. I'm out!

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