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"Red Sparrow" one recipe/chapter

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Red Sparrow is not a cookbook:


but is has one recipe for a dish mentioned in the previous chapter. the reviewer didnt care for this but I think its interesting, and the author uses food to good effect.

He has paid attention:

In chapter 10 there is a tapas function at the spanish embassy. "Spanish Embassy Tortilla Espanola" is the read deal.

if you happen to read this book and make anything let us ( me ) know

Chapter 7: Tarik's Adana Kebab looks interesting to me. Granted the atmosphere created in each chapter add to each dish.

nothing complicated here. vary spare Rx's

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Nora Ephron did something similar with her novel "Heartburn", where the food (and recipes) popped up regularly in the book (the protagonist was a cookbook author and cooking show host). I never attempted any of the recipes from the book but they did sound good.

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