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Plan: 2014 Chocolate & Confectionery Workshop Las Vegas


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For those of you bringing chocolate to Vegas: how are you transporting it? 

Planning to put the chocolates in my carry on luggage... need to see what will fit best. Packaging will include candy cups and candy pads (with the possible addition of bubble wrap).

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I need to write a personal check to Honey Salt first thing in the morning for our meal, so last chance to add or delete.  The bill per person is $51.24 which includes the meal, non-alcoholic drinks, tax and gratuity.  The base meal price is $40.  Please be prepared to bring cash or check (I trust you all to give me a check) for reimbursement next week.  If you want to pay me by credit card we can do it through my Square account but I'll add 2.75% to cover my fees.  Sound good?

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Total of 21

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I'd like to get a list of the folks going to the Jinju airbrush demo on Friday from 3-5.  This is included for participants, guests, spouses.  Those of us in the afternoon masters class won't be able to attend, but she does some amazing work, and I'm certainly jealous that I won't be there to shop.  So please note below if you WILL be attending this demo.  Thanks.   http://jinjuchocolates.com/

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Last minute reminders -
1. Bring enough of your chocolates or confections for about 35
2. Bring or buy beverages to share for the social (location will be announced soon)
3. Bring samples of your packaging to share
4. Bring used molds for sell or trade
5. Bring close toed, non-slip shoes
6. Turn off your stove before you leave!

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Best wishes to all as you make your way to the workshop! I confess to a little wistfulness, but I truly haven't grown enough on my own to really benefit from another one just yet. I've been making a little more time for candy, so we'll see what next year brings.


For now: Viva!

Little surprises 'round every corner, but nothing dangerous

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