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Curry houses in SW London

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Tangawizi is a good bet (although it's horribly dark inside - I genuinely could not really see what was on the plate).

I also like Pappadums, on the river at Brentford.

John Hartley

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Not a milion miles away is the oft mentioned Indian Zing in Ravenscourt Park (or it's sisters, Zest in Sunbury and Zilla in Barnes). Zing is the flagship and has the slight edge though. The owner used to be the head chef for the sisters who own Chutney Mary, Amaya, Veeraswamay and Masalla Zone so he knows his onions.

Staying in Ravenscourt I'm also a massive fan of Potli. Chef used to head up the curry division of M&S foods by way of the Oberoi group and recently went it alone. The 3 different types of chicken tikka and the banana pepper curry (side) are worth the price of admission alone, but it's all very, very good and quite keenly priced.

Finally, although not local, I went to the recently starred Trishna the other day and thought it deserved of it's accolade and certainly better than all it's other high-end peers, most of which I am fortunate enough to have visited. Worth considering as a destination option if heading in to town.

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