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Oh my Averna Amaro


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Speaking about Italian Amaros, you can try China Martini or Rabarbaro Zucca in your beer.

Avoid Unicum, Petrus and Braulio in the beer.

If you like to taste something new, this is the recipe for a Artichoke Liqueur (similar to the Italian amaro Cynar).
I hade never taste in in a beer, but I feel it can be OK.

Artichoke Liqueur


1 liter of alcohol at 95º

30 tender leaves of artichoke

1 lemon

5 artichoke stems

1 flowering tops of yarrow

2 cloves

1/2 liter of water

1 cups of sugar

1/2 liter of dry white wine

Wash the artichoke leaves in water and lemon.

Peel the stems and cut them in little cubes.

Put the spices, the artichoke stems and leaves and the alcohol in an airtight jar.

Let soak for 3 weeks.


Make a syrup with the sugar and the water.

If you prefer a very bitter taste use only ¼ cup of sugar.

Add the syrup and the wine to the alcohol.

Bottle and let rest for 4 months.

Hints for cocktails (no beer involved):

This is a traditional bitter liqueur.
Drink on the rocks with an orange zest or use it in cocktails.

Shake 1 part of Artichoke Liqueur, 1 part of Curacao, 1 part of Cherry Ratafià, 3 parts of orange juice.
Pour in a frozen flute and add 2 parts of dry white wine.

A typical Venetian aperitif: shake 1 part of Artichoke Liqueur, 1 part of Aperol (or Red Vermouth), 1 part of Dry Gin.
Pour over ice in a highball glass.

My Italian Homemade Liqueurs and Pastries recipes at: http://italianliqueurs.blogspot.com.es

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