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Heinz Limited Edition & Signature Series Ketchup

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I stumbled across these in my local Target store:

Heinz Signature Series Ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar and

Heinz Limited Edition Jalapeño Ketchup


The Limited Edition Jalapeño ketchup has a definite kick to it. I didn't really discern any jalapeño flavor. The ingredients list has dehyrdated jalapeños as the last ingredient and, oddly, under natural seasonings "Bell Pepper Concentrate" though I didn't taste that at all in my taste tests. It just tasted like spicy ketchup and it looks like regular red ketchup.

The Signature Series Balsamic Vinegar ketchup has a darker, earthier red color to it. The vinegar flavor is much more upfront and pronounced than in regular ketchup. Tasting it on food, it reminded me quite a bit of the taste of Heinz 57 sauce which made me wonder if balsamic vinegar is one of the ingredients of the Heinz 57 sauce.

I liked both flavors and recommend them as a change from the routine of regular ketchup.

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I picked up the balsamic one a while back and like it, especially on fatty foods like fried potatoes. I only wish they'd take the HFCS out of it.

When I want a kicked-up ketchup, I just make my own, adding whatever oils or spices I want. Saves space and $$$ by not having to buy additional bottles of "signature" ketchups, and the base ketchup can be whatever brand with whatever ingredients in it that I want or find acceptable. For example: http://www.shaneshirleysmith.com/2010/05/heinz-says-no-to-high-fructose-corn.html

 ... Shel


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this is very interesting.

if you get the particular tomato Cats. you like and then add to it you will be much more happy this way.

the things you add will not be ultra steamed etc.

try it that way. takes 15 secs before you use!

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I've seen these and almost impulse bought them, but then I realized that it takes no time to make this myself and I don't have room in the fridge.

Is the balsamic one made only with balsamic vinegar or also with regular? I doubt the use real balsamic (most you buy isn't real) but I like the idea of mixing some into my regular Heinz. I usually buy their organic bottles, no HFCS in there, organic sugar.

For a spice kick, I'd not be surprised if they add capsciacin (spelling?) directly, just a bit of peppers for flavor? I have some of that stuff, have to try that sometime. Dangerous toy :-D

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